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Multiple Screens
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Default Multiple Screens - 11-02-2009, 09:32 PM

In Alice, when I have to open a program, it takes a while to load Alice itself. Then I have to choose the program and open it. When I want to open another to work on both at once, it only allows one opened at all times. This can be a pain if you would like to incorporate one programs idea's into anothers.

The additions to the program Alice that I would like to see:
  • Allowing Multiple programs to be up at once, so you can switch easily from one to another
  • Directly open the file after saying download and open. (Not opening alice and then choosing file.)
  • Add a copy button to allow a copy from one world to another
  • Lastly, allow alice to be kept open even when you have no projects out at the moment

Thank you,
Kai Chang
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