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Hi Lucy- Gosh. There are numerous problems. This is a tough game because in a 3D environment it's often hard to see how to move the cone to the actual drop point. Camera placement is probably critical.

1) The cone isn't really on the ground, so you have no real way to judge the distance. It's actually floating in the air.
2) Next note the center point of the cone is in the middle not the base while the center of the torus in the center of the circle. The distance is measured between those two points.
3) Those two problems mean, you have no way of telling whether the drop distance is even close to the .1 you are checking for.

Now for the code--
1) When you click on the instructions you make them disappear, but never call the main method, so nothing happens.

If you did add the call then:

2) The main method starts with an infinite loop that starts with the torus falling from the sky. (Problem: That turns out to be a loop that moves the torus down 10 times before it stops, so the torus has moved down 27 meters before the check is done.)
3) The first loop is infinite, so the second infinite loop is never reached. The first one just keeps pushing the torus down 27 meters at a time.
4) Lastly, nothing in the program actually moves the torus back up to a random starting position.

Lot of work to do...

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