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Guitar Hero?
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Arrow Guitar Hero? - 09-27-2008, 10:34 PM

So I am listening to my itunes and think, how cool would it be if one day I walk into class with a Guitar Hero type thing using the arrow keys made in Alice, or Java. (Don't know Java yet though) I am 80% sure it can be made in Alice. Just, I have not learned any of that kind of stuff yet in class. That will come in like the end of the semester of learning to do stuff with sound and such

So my question is, How do I make a guitar Hero type game using the arrow keys. I would need 4 circles or so aligned at the bottom and have circles along with music going down the screen. I'm sure most people knows how it works so i'll stop explaining.

If someone can help me, or get a template set up for me, I would appreciate it.
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