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for all together, for all in order
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Default for all together, for all in order - 05-09-2014, 07:05 AM

You are correct... These statements are for lists...

Assume you have a list of cars, for a racing game. You will use the move command, with a random distance traveled.

For all together will have each car in the list move at the same time, but each for a difference distance. You build this statement by dragging in the move command for one of the cars, and then replace the car name in the move command with the "<obj> item from list" tile from the for all... statement. See attached screen shot.

All cars in the list will move at the same time, but with different random distances...

For all in order works the same way, but each car will move one after another (in the order they were added to the list)...

I hope that this helps...
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