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Air Ace (Flight Sim)
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Lightbulb Air Ace (Flight Sim) - 11-30-2011, 05:46 AM

There seems to be quite a few flight simulators on the forums right now, so I thought I could have a go at it.

Air Ace
This is my WIP flight simulator.

So far it has:
- A jet with modified shading (so its shiny!)
- Completed flying engine (I might tweak it a bit)
- Crash detection (not for mountains or buildings yet)
- Colour selection (this will become an unlock feature)
- Acceleration to awesome speeds
- Sonic boom!!!! (not entirely realistic)
- Rear view and cockpit view
- External and internal HUDs
- Cool flight instruments
- SFX (preliminary, I will replace some of them and add more)
- Distance clipping of high quality objects and small details to reduce strain on renderer (like the runway textures and the cones)

To come:
- Dogfighting - weapons, objectives and enemies
- Cool jet upgrades
- AI
- Collision with buildings and mountains
- Working guns and missiles
- Targeting system
- Better crash physics
- More scenery
- Weapon and upgrade selection
- Ranking, levelling, unlocking, saving system
- Better SFX
- Damage system
- Weather and sky
- Altitude affected flight
- Ejecting (just for fun)
- Better compatibility with rubbish computers
- More, more, more ... !!!

Screenshots (click to view larger size):

x - accelerate
z - decelerate
mouse - aim/steer (inverted y-axis)
LMB - fire primary weapon (SFX only for now)
CTRL - switch views

When ready to fly hold x until fully airborne and position the mouse just below the screen centre to ensure a smooth take-off.

This is not meant to be super-realistic, have fun!!!
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