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M24-H Vulture "VTOL"
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Default M24-H Vulture "VTOL" - 11-07-2011, 11:32 PM

Remember this?
From Crysis 1, I might get in trouble for this, but eh. This is educational purposes isn't it? I actually finished this months ago. The problem was that I had given up on making a flight system for it. It's impossible to mimick the original Crysis flight controls, much less the flight style. These stupid mouse controls that only detect one key don't help, and neither does how I cannot seem to figure out how to lock the mouse to the center of the screen.
Yeaaah. I think the way I saved it fudged up the picture. It's missing an entire dark range. It's probably only 16-bit when it should be 32-bit or 64-bit.

The object is a M24-H Vulture, usually referred to as the VTOL. It is a tiltwing aircraft with turbine engines on the wings. There are also tertiary wings on the side of these wings, which can be bent for compaction. There is also an unprogrammed turret with 90 of forward movement and 80 of side-to-side movement. The missile pods are also unprogrammed. As I stated back in my MiG-29 thread, that is not something I can add as there are too many ways to do it. The cargo bay fits 6 USMC/Suit Guys and the entire vehicle was resized to fit Master Chief. I also figured out how to add lights to the model. Importing lights from a 3D CAD program doesn't work, so I had to hax it and add them manually to the .a2c file, so now the model contains 6 foglights, two on the turret and four on the door bays. They do not come with a light ray model, unfortunately (too lazy), but they do work.

Premade Methods:
Landing Gear can be extended and retracted
Limited Windshield capabilities
Cargo Bay Door

Model Statistics:
30,400 Polys
30,466 Tris (The important number)
18,098 Vertices
169 Sub-objects
Cannot be run on a Shit School Computer
Is an Alice Compatible Object
Gallery Compatible

Unlike my previous jobs, this one will not contain the .MAX file. Y'know. Them copyrights.
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