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Originally Posted by MrMoke View Post
Logical naming is definitely important for readability, especially for someone who might have to maintain your software at a later date. Always consider the people who might have to work on your stuff after you move on, and up, as Mark and I have over the years.

However, for this topic it would mean using multiple Dummy objects as place holders for specific objects that need to be reused at different locations as the world moves one scene to the next.

An easy process if you create a set of parallel arrays, and calls to a single relocate method that accepts a parameter for scene number.

As mentioned, it also saves a significant amount of memory by replacing objects with pointers, and reduces coding.

Structure and efficiency are also keys to success.
So, if I understand you, there would be an array of dummy objects for each object that moves. The length of the array would be the number of scenes in the movie and you would create a world method called something like "setUpScene" and pass it the scene number.
setUpScene would go through each array setting each object's point of view to the dummy object in the corresponding array.

Is that the procedure you are describing?


Mark Henwood
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