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Originally Posted by notherdimension100 View Post
Hey guys, its me again. I have progressed through the coding, and i found a couple of bugs. I have left a link to the project in this post so that you can analyse it.

Bug 1- The Boeing 707 Jet, when selected, would eventually turn for some reason again, even though the method is already finished without a loop function.

Bug 2- The game seems to immediately lag as soon as i start the events for "flying". I think its the overall timing of the methods, but they are all on 0.01 second updates on the loop method, so i guess that's not it.

Bug 3- Camera is kinda broken when selecting an aircraft and/or switching it

Bug 4- Inputs are still going even though i restart or stop the sim. This seems to be a reoccurring problem in all of my posts and this simulations progress.
I think part of the problem is that you are using infinite loops especially in events.
There are events like "while something is true" or when a "variable changes" that act as more effective loops when the movie is running. I am not sure how the program reacts when an event that contains an infinite loop is called more than once.
Note that there is also a "While the movie is running" event you get to it by selecting "When the world starts" then right clicking on the event and selecting "change to."

So you could for instance have an event called "While speed >0" and it would be called repeatedly whenever the speed was greater than 0 without any loops. This event could be used to move and turn the plane.

Hope this helps.

Mark Henwood
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