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Default 05-12-2007, 08:01 PM

I know this is and old thread. But I have had some success importing objects from blender. I used a blender plug-in that exports .ase files link) I used makehumanhttp://makehuman.orgTo make a human female. I exported that as and .obj file then imported into blender. I used the above .ase export plug-in to export that model to .ase, then imported it in to alice.

It came thru to alice fine with two problems.

It was facing 'out' of the monitor screen in makehuman, when I imported it into blender it was facing into the ground. I rotated it around the x axis by 90 degrees before exporting it to .ase. When I imported it to alice it was again facing into the ground. That might have been because I rotated the model in blender's 'object' mode. Which does not truly rotate the mesh data just the meshes presentation on screen. I will check on that later. This was easy to correct by just rotating it on its x axis in alice

Problem two was that the mode was HUGE when imported into alice. This was easy to correct by just scaling it in alice.

Problem three was the model imported as just one mesh. The author of the export plug-in did say that armatures and bones(blenders way of manipulating parts of a mesh were not supported) so that was to be expected. Also I did not separated the mesh into different parts or groups before exporting. Is there as way to separated the mesh into body parts with joints for rotation within alice. This is a MAJOR question for me if I am to use alice in my computer center to teach programming to teens this summer

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