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Originally Posted by sometimes618 View Post
I'm sort of a novice when it comes to Alice 3, although for something like calculating averages, I don't imagine it would be massively different from Alice 2. You would just need a way to get multiple values, add those values together, evaluate how many values there are, and divide the sum of the values by the number of values. Lists are helpful for something like this, although I don't even know if lists exist in Alice 3.
If you're having trouble with any of these steps, say so but give plenty of information. This is a general rule of thumb if you're looking for help on the forums.
Would showing the tutorial I'm using maybe help, so you can see what method I'm trying to apply to Alice 3?
I've found so far that things seem to be much more straightforward in Alice 2 from what I see, but I have no real experiences with it to confirm this.
So far I've been trying to use a function to calculate averages, but some of the stuff doesn't work the same way (I think, again, no real experience with Alice 2), and instead of it being simple, I'm just weaving big, messy lines of code that do absolutely nothing.

Also, yes, lists exist as far as I know, judging on screenshots I've seen and the like. Personally, I don't really know all that much of them, though. :$

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