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hmm That's odd because when I made the world, I watched every variable change and it worked. But every time I've tried to run it or when my teacher tried to show it to the class, it hasn't worked. Which also implies that he had it working whenever he was grading it. But as of late, I can't get variables to work in any of my assignments, including this one that I'm redoing for the Chapter 7 exercise, like the Clock Exercise in Chapter 7 (Exercise 10), which asks you use the hour of AM or PM and the minute of hour functions to set the values for the hour and minute hands. I'll post that world when I complete the required methods.
Thanks for the help though

EDIT: Again, I loaded your example, and the variables don't change. I've entered the whole combination and even some random numbers to try to get something to change but I get nothing. -__-

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