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Default 05-24-2015, 09:23 PM

Here is version 5.2!

Added Echo (is this ok x?)
Added PockyCandy

Added levels, currently they do nothing but are leveled up by kills.

PockyCandys moves:
Down arrow (A move): Shoots a candy dealing 5 + charge damage, ever consecutive hit makes charge go up by 1 and missing resets it to 0. Also you need to pick up your shots after they are fired you only store 3.
Ctrl (Q move): Charges a shock shot, taking 1 damage per sec, and for every damage taken adds 1 second to the shot charge, when released shoots a candy (if you have one) and on contact deals damage and shock.
Up smash: Regens health according to charge from A move.

Echo's moves:
S (A move): shoots a bullet dealing 1 damage if has ammo.
Q (Q move): Reloads gun, for your ammo count look at the opacity of the bar above Echo, holds 10 rounds.
Up smash: Fires a pk penguin attack dealing 10 damage, but has little range.

Any more characters?

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