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Assignment 2
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Default Assignment 2 - 09-08-2016, 10:19 AM

I finished my Alice world last night and I chose to do the penguin one where he falls in the hole. I played with it a little bit and instead of just having him waddle over to the hole and fall in I added a couple different things in it. I started off with him waddling over to the hole and he looks down into it. As he is looking into it i made another penguin jump from off the screen over him into the hole. The first penguin looks around him confused and then jumps into the hole himself. I also put another little penguin behind a tree in the distance that comes out flaps his wings and then runs off screen. It took me awhile to get the hole in the ice to show up. I worked on that for about 20 minutes until I realized all I have to do is change the opacity of the frozen pond to be more see through. Creating animations is actually pretty fun to do it takes alot of patience though. And alot of trial and error to get the movements right.
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