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What do you mean??
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Question What do you mean?? - 11-06-2011, 01:43 PM

I was reading your post on how to lessen the file size of an Alice file and you said,
I must have missed this thread.

The way I have always added thumbnails to objects is similar to X:

start a new world, hide the ground or delete it
go to atmosphere color
go to change it, but click on other...
go to the RGB tab
change all values to 128
now you have a grey sky
position your model well for a screenshot
take a pic of it and open it in a good graphics editing program
change the height to 128 (the wifth of all thumbnails in the gallery is 128, but it doesnt matter)
save it as thumbnail.png (as a png file)
open the a2c file in a zip program
paste in the png picture you just edited
and I think I get what you are saying, but I am unclear about one part. When you say position your model well for a screenshot, what does that mean exactly?? Every time I try to take a screenshot of my Alice world it takes a screenie of the entire Alice interface and not of a single model. , so I am confused as to how to follow your instructions because I cannot add a png file of the entire interface to my project, but I do need it to be much smaller. I have tried saving it under a different name but that did not do enough, it made it smaller but it is still not under 10mb, which is what I need to submit my work because that is the maximum files size allowed to be added as an attachment.
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