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Originally Posted by DensetsuNoKaboom View Post
Alice Fighters v0.6 is here, at long last! Most work on this version was done by my siblings instead of me, but that's probably for the best. New stuff includes:

-Two new characters!
-Three new arenas!
-A third texture for every character! (Change characters' textures by holding down 1, 2, or 3 while selecting)
-Extensive rebalancing!
-New options in the menu!
-Graphic stuff and bug fixes!
-Exclamation points!

There's a link to download from Google Drive at the bottom of the first post, since it's far surpassed the forum's 20MB limit.
Looks awesome Trying it out right now.

EDIT: Awesome I love both new characters (hat yak is op) Its awesome that there is an arena for Clash of the Cubes! =D

I also like the new menu and stuff Its really cool.

The freeze thing is kinda cool too...

Im really RavenOfCode... shhhh....

Currently work on my first app :)

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