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Originally Posted by sometimes618 View Post
I suppose I should let out of the bag that for the past couple of years I've been working on Alice Fighters instead of Densetsu (with his permission of course), but that's not what I'm here for. I'm here to release...
Alice Fighters v0.7
What's new:
-Three new characters
-Two new arenas
-A new single-player mode
-Additions/edits to menu
-Walking and victory animations
-Sound effects
-Speed and weight variations between characters
-Some attacks change in the air
-Physics are overall more rigid
-Various other changes to AI, stages, graphics, costumes, animations, platforms, and more

Since I can't change the first post, I'll put the link to the update in this post. Enjoy, and give feedback if you can!

Download Alice Fighters v0.7
I'm rarely around here anymore, but I do check in every so often. Glad to see some people are still using Alice! Anyways, I had a go at the new update and it was loads of fun, super cool to see Storm added as a character! Also Mr. Game & Watch was a really cool edition too, I always knew that Alice could support some cool sprite animations if people took the time to make them and it's cool to see you did.

Stuff + Other Stuff + Different Other Stuff = Things :)

My best Alice game:

Clash of the Cubes (an arena fighting game):
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