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Default Textual Storyboard - 02-15-2009, 12:54 PM

My world was a skeleton in a graveyard. He called forth all to listen to his song. A ghost is present. As the skeleton is singing his song i had the ghost running a loop to tap his foot.

The only issues I had with this was when I was trying to run the loop which i know we haven't made it to loops yet. I would run the loop on infinity which would cause the rest of my statements not to execute. So i just ran it on 28 times which made everything run smoothly.

I also wanted to have a mummy come in through a gate in the background and move and position his self next to the ghost but i have yet to master this. I had him stepping but when i select move to he moves up off the ground or down into the ground as he moves to the ghost.
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