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Originally Posted by notherdimension100 View Post
Hey guys, its me again. I have progressed through the coding, and i found a couple of bugs. I have left a link to the project in this post so that you can analyse it.

Bug 1- The Boeing 707 Jet, when selected, would eventually turn for some reason again, even though the method is already finished without a loop function.

Bug 2- The game seems to immediately lag as soon as i start the events for "flying". I think its the overall timing of the methods, but they are all on 0.01 second updates on the loop method, so i guess that's not it.

Bug 3- Camera is kinda broken when selecting an aircraft and/or switching it

Bug 4- Inputs are still going even though i restart or stop the sim. This seems to be a reoccurring problem in all of my posts and this simulations progress.
...I don't see the link...hmm.

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