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Object is within Threshold of Object
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Exclamation Object is within Threshold of Object - 09-03-2009, 08:52 PM

I'm attempting to make a simple game with Alice 2.0. The game is the player controlling a tank's turret
(Left arrow key rotated it left, right arrow key rotates it right. at this point I dont suggest uing up and down)to shoot at
targets out in front of the tank.

Right now when the tennis ball that is shot out reaches the target i placed, nothing happens. I used "If/Then"
with the "Object is within Threshold of Object" function and the If method is not performed when the tennis
ball enters the threshold specified.

So now here it is.
How do I...
Make this method so that when the moving tennis ball enters defined threshold of "target". The action
specified in "If" is performed?

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