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Arrow 09-11-2010, 08:18 AM

That's because you're making the ball move forward AND turn forward at the same time. Since the ball moves forward relative to itself, and it's turning, the ball constantly is changing direction, resulting in the circular motion you see.

I assume that you want it to be like the monkey is rolling forward, and to do that simply change the ball turning forward to the monkey turn forward. And, since the monkey's pivot is off-center, click on "more" next to the turn forward and choose "asseenby=beachball"

<monkey> setvehicle to <beachball> (just for future reference, if you go to the properties tab of an object, you can set the vehicle right there without having to put in in a method)
Do Together
<monkey> turn forward <4> revolutions; duration=<4> seconds; asSeenby <beachball>
<beachball> move forward <4> meters; duration=<4> seconds

I also attached the world:
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