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How to keep camera near object + samurai game preview.
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Default How to keep camera near object + samurai game preview. - 09-16-2010, 06:21 PM

Ok so I was wondering how to keep the camera within a certain distance of an object.

Also i wanted to upload my game and get some feedback.

P.S i am having problems with the contact recognition and would appreciate if someone would take a look.

WASD for moving
Click and HOLD for raise spear then let go of mouse to slash
hold W and ENTER to sprint
Space is jump
Torah is the "crosshair" for my game
As of now before i get the contact recognition working just click on the enemys to kill

EDIT: i thought i would add in things i know are wrong

Sprint button will make you go without also pressing w.
If you try to run back and forward at the same time the arms/legs get wacky but i have it set to reset the arms/legs after you stop.
You cannot attack and run at the same time Practicaly.
Running while holding an attack will disrupt the attack
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