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Remember, the games would be really simple - ie, moving a character around, collecting some items, avoiding obstacles, etc.
Alice can be a great tool for throwing together a game. Alice can be extremely frustrating when writing a game, as well. There are no convenience methods for game creation, so you run into the problems described earlier in this thread.

With that in mind, I would recommend, especially given your time frame and audience, to give them an idea of what Alice is good and bad at as far as game creation. You can make a whole game without running into any of the frustrating parts of game creation in Alice, if you know what to look out for. It seems like you already had this in mind, but I would definitely give a "project list" for your audience. Think of games that can be built up from the things that are straightforward enough to do in Alice (all of the ones you mentioned above would fall into this category-- the toughest one there is collision detection when avoiding obstacles. A great solution to this is to just send the player back to the start if they hit one. You have the gameplay element of avoiding obstacles without dealing with the complications of preventing the player from colliding with the object), and offer these as baselines.

It does suck that it's hard to share their creations, but you could at least do something like have a presentation day on the last day of camp, where the students mill about and play each others' games. Being an art camp, you probably already have a day where mom and pop come in to see what they've done.
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