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Arrow 08-21-2011, 12:28 PM

Thanks for calling it awesome . I never released it as it isn't finished and I don't plan on finishing it. What I did do is release parts of it so you can basically duplicate my version of Alice.

Everything I included is in the standard release of Alice, just hidden so you have no access, which means it is completely compatible with other versions of Alice (Yay ).

Some features I included don't actually work though, I just wanted to point out that they were there, so test anything at your end and if it doesn't work for you then chances are it wont work for anybody else. The official reasoning for not including these extra features (as sent to me by an Alice dev) is:
[The extra features] are not put in there by the original Alice developers. Caitlin created those for her Storytelling Alice and [the Alice dev] copied them from her. It does make things a lot easier for Alice users, but since Alice is one step up from Storytelling Alice, they prefer their users to do some extra work and program those (extra features).

Those methods were not removed from the source code, but it was originally put there in the hopes that Alice 2.2 can open Storytelling file.
Due to large complications Storytelling Alice files still unfortunately don't work in Alice. I did notice though that there must be features I found that are unfinished or not included as they were not in either Alice or Storytelling Alice.


I have mostly moved on from Alice, but may still respond to messages if important [¬º-°]¬
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