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Default 03-12-2011, 08:42 PM

I know how important this is to you and I am doing everything I can right now. I will get back to you before monday.

EDIT 1: The main file is corrupted now. IM sorry, but you cant acces it anymore, you have to go back to back ups. The throwable causes, I am figureing them out now...

EDIT 2: Ok, sorry but both files are broken. I believe for a split second I saw 3d texts in the project. You cant have to many of those.

I have expierienced this problem before and I lost a "HUGE!!!" file. Things to know about alice is...

1: Dont use to many 3d texts - 15 is good, any more, just be careful
2: Dont rename "ANYTHING" once you have about 50-660 objects in your game. Otherwise saving will not work. I figured that out the hard way so dont make the same mistake. This might be the reason for the error.

Other than that, sorry, I cant help you...


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