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you cant look up and down. I thought it would add unneccesary gaemplay ot the game. Also, the dense fog is from the ship which you were in which crashed. Also, if you are confused about where to go, here is a guide. WARNING SPOILERS:

You start out in a room with the crashed ship in front of you. turn around until you see the door. You have to melee (M) it open. Then turn left and walk down the hall. walk to the door and it will automaticaly pusch you through. turn right, walk a little bit, turn right again and walk straight. When you enter the hallway, an enemy should come into view unarmed while choking on the smoke. shoot and kill him. walk through the door he cam out of and go through the teleporter on the left. when you walk through, the smoke will dissapear, and you will appear in a garden with a large tree in the middle. in front of the tree is an enemy with a rocket. use the roll feature to dive out of the way of the rockets he shoots and kill him. (dont get too close though). then walk around the tree and outside. Trees and rocks and bushes are placed to your left and right and there is a watch tower with an enemy in it to the left. use the black ridecule (shows where your grenades go) on your screen to throw a grenade and take down the tower. Then walk to the other end of the pathway to the giant temple. walk near the door and once again you will be forced through. Then use your gun to kill the boss. When he is dead, game over. The end.

Once again, you need to have a fast computer to play this game effectively. Also, download it and then go into alice and open it from alice. For example:

type in
then press save to disk
it should then download to the desktop
when it is done, go into alice and go to open
go through the tabs until you ge to your desktop and click on the game
I have tested it and it does work

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