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Thank you so much for all your help. I tried to add some more things to it. Instead of going to a "dummy cube" at the center before going going to each cones, I deleted those statements and just started off from where the skater/s' starting point.

How come the "chooseCone" method is not responding when I call it? I am not quite sure what I am missing. Thank you so much again. Yes, I am very willing to learn. I should've taken this on a regular semester and not on a summer. I've only used Alice for only 3 weeks. I like it a just takes a while to get used to.

Anyway, I'm attaching the world again. If the "chooseCone" method will respond, I will just have to add some details to it and it's done!

Originally Posted by debussybunny563 View Post
Fixed everything for all of the skaters.

As you'll see, there are parameters for many of the events.
Parameters help when you need to have multiple objects do more or less the same thing, which is perfect in this case.
Look through the coding a bit, and tell me if you have any questions, but try to spend at least a little time first trying to figure it out by yourself; you learn better that way.

While I do enjoy helping people like you solve your problems, note that while you might think it's nice now, it's more helpful in the future if you learn what you're doing on your own and don't have go be dependent on others.
Good luck in your class!

I realize you needed some help, so that's what I'm here for!
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