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Hello, im new, and id just like to show my current game im working on, all comments and criticism are welcome. This is a game that you have to press the right keys in to the music, like guitar hero. In order from purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, the keys are s,d,f,j,k,l. This game may require a decent/good computer, as i have seen it lag on the school computers and get off sync. You may need to restart it 1-3 times for it to get on sync too. Click any song title to play the song and once the song is finished a menu icon appears in the top-right for you to return to the selection page. There is a meter and score counter, and i have not done anything yet to if you get to the end of the meter, you lose, but its coming. I am planning to do 8 songs, but as of now there are only 3. I am legally only allowed to use 30 seconds of a song without gaining rights, so they are short. It may not be that good though, i just started working with Alice. PLEASE TRY IT!!! Please respond to it too. Please also do not make any edits, as i want to do it all myself.
It's a little too difficult for my lack of manual dexterity, but I applaud the fact that you are making a game that isn't just another version of a first-person shooter. You might want to have different skill levels starting at about the level of "Do a Deer" from "The Sound of Music" for those of us who are both "manually and musically challenged." In any event, keep working on it and you may end up with a hit on your hands.

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