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Originally Posted by joncjaffe View Post
Your not going to do my work for me. What kind of turtors are you? All right I'll do it, but if I don't get an A your going to hang your head in shame. The instructor ask for a pseudocode, seen them in the book but never did one. So here's my first attempt at it. (1)Caballo horse (2) Pájaro bird (3) pollo chicken (4) perro dog (5)gato cat

(6) burro donkey (7)conejo rabbit (8) cerdo pig (9) zorro fox (10) lobo wolf

Computer to pick animal name from list at random.
(1)Caballo (2) Pajaro, (3) pollo,(4) perro,(5) burro,
(6) gato,(7) conejo,(8)cerdo,(9) zorro, ,(10)lobo
Ask user guess name (animal 1) horse
If/else (not [ true] guess again)
True exit loop.
Ask user guess name ( animal 2)bird
If/else (not [ true ] guess again)
True exit loop.
Ask user guess name (animal 3)chicken
If/else (not [ true ] guess again)
True exit loop.

Needs work but think I'm on track.
Looks good so far. Remember that the project guidelines required that you explain the rules to the user.

(Also, just as a hint, when you're posting code here, using (code)(/code) except with [], straight brackets, will allow you to keep the whitespaces and make the code look more indented.

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