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Default 11-07-2005, 01:31 AM

Thank you for the suggestion. I'm sure the developers will have something to say on this, but there are a few issues that I see with not packaging referenced objects in the a2w files.

- If custom objects are used which are not accessible through the web gallery, it would make it impossible to view a file.

- In order to view worlds utilizing objects from the web gallery, an internet connection would be needed.

- If the objects are large and many, a fast internet connection would be needed.

- When the objects are downloaded, to where should they be downloaded? Should they go to a temp directory or to the Alice local gallery, which may or may not be write-accessible?

- If they are downloaded to a temp directory, does that mean every time a world is loaded, the objects have to be downloaded?

Now, given these reservations, I do see some positives in providing such a save option, namely if user space on a server is at a premium. However, the benefits of transferring smaller worlds over a dialup connection would be negated if the objects needed to be downloaded from the web as well. And with the prices of usb flash drives continually dropping, I'm not sure I see that big of a benefit shrinking file size at the expense of not including objects.

But I am not in your situation and don't know how common the problem you are facing is within schools, so my appraisal could be very off base. Again, I will let the others in the group respond on this issue, as they may have more insight than I.
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