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Originally Posted by AliceMaster00 View Post
I know you wont join the team, I still need your advice as you call it instead of help, and calm down, ive done it before, but it didn't last very long until school was in my way. I haven't sold any games yet but I know how to. Look if you wont help me I understand. Plus I cant always look toward other sources, its just that this community is viewed by lots of people, and getting advice from different people could help.
I'm not trying to get defensive, but I am actually helping by giving you that advice. From my own experience and spectating many others, online teams are very difficult. I believe that you know how to sell games. That's not the hard part. Many more people will play your game if it's free, that is a fact. I just thought I'd let you know that. Selling your game and getting money for it is always great, but if you aren't a professional and you aren't positive your game will sell well, or if you aren't advertising on STEAM or Desura or something else along those lines which are very big stores, then it's better to start off free.

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