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Flight Simulator, lots of questions
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Exclamation Flight Simulator, lots of questions - 05-12-2018, 07:37 PM

Hello everybody, I'm kinda okay at Alice, so you can go all technical if you need to.
What i was asking about today was the vehicles. I'm having troubles with;
1.keeping X velocity on a object after X seconds of holding down a key (this is the most critical one) to make the camera dynamic when "flying"
3. moving the "throttle" forward and backwards realistic-ish while velocity goes up/down
4.object randomly moving forward when restarting the simulation sometimes (idk if its a coding bug or that just happens)
5.constantly updating the velocity and height of the object (3d text)

It also has infinite velocity if you hold it down long enough, so i was wondering too how to stop the object going faster than X velocity (and keeping it there until the user throttles down).

I've been looking at this forum for a few days and have not found the answer, so i figured to just make my own thread about my specific and (unique?) questions.

This seems like a very nice and helpful community, i love it so far
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