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Originally Posted by notherdimension100 View Post
Hello everybody, I'm kinda okay at Alice, so you can go all technical if you need to.
What i was asking about today was the vehicles. I'm having troubles with;
1.keeping X velocity on a object after X seconds of holding down a key (this is the most critical one) to make the camera dynamic when "flying"
3. moving the "throttle" forward and backwards realistic-ish while velocity goes up/down
4.object randomly moving forward when restarting the simulation sometimes (idk if its a coding bug or that just happens)
5.constantly updating the velocity and height of the object (3d text)

It also has infinite velocity if you hold it down long enough, so i was wondering too how to stop the object going faster than X velocity (and keeping it there until the user throttles down).

I've been looking at this forum for a few days and have not found the answer, so i figured to just make my own thread about my specific and (unique?) questions.

This seems like a very nice and helpful community, i love it so far
It generally helps to post what you have made so far if you're looking for help on the forums, but I'll try to understand what you're looking for.
1. Make the velocity a variable, while the world runs the object moves forward at "variable" speed, and that while a key is held, the velocity increases.
2. The camera dynamic has many possibilities; I would make it either that the camera sets vehicle to the object or that the camera constantly moves towards and points at the object.
3. Make it so that in every instance the "velocity" variable changes, the throttle turns forward.
4. I think that's just a bug with Alice 2 that happens if you have a key held when you stop or restart a world.
5. In the world's properties there's "(what) as a string," and you can plug that into any method involving a string and (what) can be any other variable.
6. With the infinite velocity, make it so that the world constantly checks if the "velocity" variable is above a certain constant limit, and if it hits that limit, it decreases the amount above the limit.
Again, it is recommended that you post what you already have, because you may have already done some of this and I could just be spouting out useless information.

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