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Is it working for you? Has anyone played it?
I was able to download and run the program. It ran rather choppy on my computer, which isn't a very fast computer.

I couldn't find much of anything to shoot at. Everything appeared to be in a dense fog and I had a hard time telling one shape from another. Even when I saw shapes, I ran right through them apparently due to the lack of collision detection. Perhaps I was just unable to navigate into the right neighborhood to find the exciting action.

I also couldn't figure out how to look up, which seemed rather unnatural, particularly since Alice supports pitch in addition to roll and yaw. I recall seeing instructions for the arrow keys and the T, Y, M, F, and G keys. Maybe I just missed the instructions on how to look up.

The music was exciting though. I wonder who owns the copyright on the music Hope that the owner doesn't mind you publishing it in your game. (See

My opinion...
Interesting: Yes
Awesome: No
But, it does appear that you put a lot of effort into the project. Perhaps you should look into the use of a more powerful game engine.

Dick Baldwin
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