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-Functionality: Does the world load properly? Yes

-Aiming. Use the mouse to aim. The mouse aiming that you use is very smooth for now(unknown possibility of lag undetermined due to example, not full game)

-Firing. Click and hold any mouse button to fire. Does the animation look smooth? The animations look fine for the type of weapons the character is using Are the sounds playing properly?Yes Are they too loud?Just Fine Do the effects work well together, or are they disruptive?Work well together Test all three guns, if you can. Finally, the game is meant to be played using autofire, so button mashing doesn't make you fire faster. Is this preferable? Honestly, I have no preference, but i'm sure users would enjoy the option to switch between either or

-Switching weapons. Press 1 to switch your left gun, and 2 to switch your right gun. Are the switching methods intuitive enough? Personal opinion on this is that the switch methods should be the letters "C" and "V", this makes it so you don't have to stretch your fingers that you are using to move your character and reload, give those fingers a break and let your thumb do some of the work :P Do the different guns work well together? Yes, but I feel as if the scorpion is a little to small looking compared to the other guns

-Reloading weapons. Guns will automatically reload when you try to fire without ammo. Would you prefer they automatically reload when the last bullet is fired?I like it the way it is, it gives more of a survival horror feel, not knowing whether or not you are on your last bullet or no ammo at all

-Hit detection: the zombie should register being hit on each subpart individually. Is the effect visible enough?The effect is easily visible Is the crosshair accurate from a distance?As far as I could tell, yes. Are you able to sweep your cursor across the zombie and have hits register only while the the center of the crosshair is over the zombie (keep in mind the guns fire relatively slow compared to the speed at which you can move the cursor)? When trying this, it would register the hit on the zombies chest or miss(I am guessing it missed from the crosshair being between the zombies arm and chest or something along that line

-Improvements: Any ideas on what should be changed or added?
I'm sure you are already thinking of a health system, so there's that, how about the option to unwield the second pistol to gain more maneuverability/speed. And lastly, just put that usual flair and effort you normally put into your games to make it another shiny example of a good/great/excellent(take your pick lol) work of art in Alice.

If you are stuck on a project, check out the tutorials I made here at this link:

There are lots of tutorials on it so far, including some youtube videos, check it out


Go to my youtube channel to check out my alice 2.2 tutorials I have there..
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