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Alice World Template Contest
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Default Alice World Template Contest - 11-05-2011, 06:12 PM

As is my motto, "The leap towards quality has an infinite budget," I made a some apparently 12MB template world for the ocean, because it's easy to make one for a landscape that is realistically and naturally spread ad infinitum.

Now, what I want you to do is make a high quality template world. I don't care what's in it, it can be as filled as an entire city, or as empty as my world up there. The idea is that there are no methods or events, just a world to be built upon.
To be perfectly fair, I will not participate in this event, though I may show an example of a good template.
-Your sky ought to be a third or more of the world's weight. A plain blue sky makes your world look extremely unrealistic.
-Your terrain is actually quite hard to do. You may find it excruciatingly hard to find a terrain that tiles well and doesn't actually look procedural, as in an easily noticeable pattern.
-It's easy to use existing Alice objects but I urge you not to. These objects were realistic back in 1998, and the bar for realism has noticeably risen ever since.
-If you use high budget singular objects, you may notice it takes an extremely long time to save your world in Alice. My Ocean world takes almost half an hour on the sky alone. It's worthy to note that using an external program, such as WinRAR, to save your world as a .ZIP and rename to .A2W will take less time and save more space.

Prize Information:
I don't know. I hadn't actually been thinking about this, but the best I could provide is a 3D model of your choice, converted or created by me as an ACO (Alice Compatible Object) or otherwise.
We can decide the deadline later. In all realism I'd give you a few months.
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