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Default 07-26-2011, 02:01 AM


A few new projects from a few new characters

Arty's exploring ways to integrate the forums with his Aodb site

Zone's making a new version of Alice and needs Java coders. I volunteered for a small role, but his thread got hijacked and he hasn't said anything about it since

Zero's making/improving his 2d shooters

sfunk's modeling and making tutorials all over the place

A bunch of people from Egypt are asking questions about Alice. At least one of these users has a grasp of English that suggests he's sustained more than one serious head injury.

Jedi's trying to get people to play games with him. It's not going well, since he wants to play Call of Doody, I want to play Alien Swarm, and everyone else on the planet wants to play Minecraft.

David made a programmer's forum. How is it different from this forum? I have no idea.

Beach is contributing valuable commentary on some of the more unpopular threads, such as David's new forum.

dubs came back sorta.

And I'm banning spammers left and right.

Recap over.
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