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Originally Posted by raccoons View Post
All I can find to help guide me is old stuff from alice 2, and it isn't that helpful.
In general you need to input entries and divide their sum by the number of entries that were given. That means you need some way to tell your method when you have entered the last value. I chose to make the last value a negative number and not to count it in the sum or count of entries.

After the last value is entered you must display the results of the sum/count. This is the only step that I needed an object for and I chose the "text mode" object, although you could use something with a "say" method.

Creating variables in Alice 3 is a little different, you click on variables in the code area and then fill out the dialog that pops up. I needed a Boolean to control the while loop but the others can all be floats.

Remember that, just as with many things in Alice 2, you need to initially use a dummy value and then, after the statement is in the method/function go back and fill in the correct value for your program.

If you need more help please provide a sample of what you have to date.


Mark Henwood
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