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Angry Annoying - 08-02-2010, 08:28 AM

This error is very annoying, but its fixable sometimes. What I find more annoying is that sometimes while saving Alice crashes and closes, meaning the world file goes corrupt. Ive had to resort to manually copy and pasting the Alice worlds in windows explorer to make backups, cos the backup feature Alice has also is a miserable failure.
Also when Alice crashes a file in the .Alice2 folder called AliceHasNotExitedYet or something like that does not get deleted, whereas it would get deleted when Alice closes normally. This means I have to manually locate and delete it, because for some bizarre reason Alice resets all my preferences when it starts if that file exists. And my preferences are a lot more suitable for me than Alice's rubbish default preferences, especially the screen size, cant see anything by default.


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