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Please help me.
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Exclamation Please help me. - 09-25-2018, 01:29 PM

I have no idea how to do these assignments. Can someone help me please?

Your goal is to create a project where you control at least 3 objects that are being flung in the direction of another. These 3 objects should use one method with parameters to control the action. These objects should also all have their own events to trigger their action. When there is a collision between two objects there should be an appropriate crash that would mimic that in the real world. For example if a plane gets hit with a missile it would start on fire and fall out of the sky.
Create a Method that tests for collision between 2 objects. This function will require parameters to work.
Create a Method that uses the Test for Collision Function and performs actions based on whether the objects collide.
There needs to be directions at the beginning for the user.
There should be an event that begins all the action. (This means the game should not start until the user presses a start button or key.)
Please comment on coding sections so someone who looks at your code can understand what is going on.

In this project you are to create a race between at least 3 objects. In the race there should be no set winner because random numbers are used to control how far each person moves.
This project will require all the following in order to complete the basic objectives
Parameters for which person and which target they are going to.
Dummy objects to control the camera locations
Dummy objects for movement
If/Else Statements
Working with the world Speed Multiplier (for a slow motion finish)
3D Text or someone talking to start the race
The basic example only required about 16-20 lines of code to work.
A way to start to the race (words, directions, lights, etc.)
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