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Originally Posted by Petit Suisse View Post
Ok, so I emailed our teacher with questions and was given the advice to work on one method at a time, and then to save that as an individual version before I add any other methods, and then do the same with those. That was so helpful to me. I thought my events were causing the run time error, but by working as Tim advised me above, I found out that the trick I was using to keep the ring within the screen, was causing the problem. I had used the property pointofview=position to reset the ring after it dropped so it would always start at the same position. This worked great while the world was open, but then was quite useless, as after closing a world it was no longer accessible. Anyhow after failing what felt like 100 times, I finally have a working version. OH EM GEE!
Three quick points:
  1. The problem you were having was not you, It was Alice. I am not exactly sure what you were trying to do but Alice should not save a movie and then refuse to open it. I point this out because this type of problem is frustrating and NOT YOUR FAULT.
  2. The best way to get an object back to a specific location is to place a dummy object at the location and then move the original object to the dummy to reset its position.
  3. In this type of environment you must be very careful using '='. If the two values are not exactly the same your = will return false. =<, => or within x of object are much better choices in an interactive environment.
I usually name the dummy objects as if you use more than one or two things start to get confusing.

Mark Henwood
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