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[QUOTE=AliceKing;16912]For one thing, the game has to be able to export to the internet. Is that possible with Alice? I have created a simple basketball game with alice before for my computer science project but I did not have to export that to the internet because the computers already had alice on it. However, the computers for the class I will be doing this project on does not have Alice so I will have to export it to my webpage.

My game is going to be about the harlem renaissance and it's going to be basic and simple.

First I am going to have it set up were it asked for your name and gender.

If your name is 'Bob' and you are a male you will start off your career as a poet. Basically you have to put a flyer avertising your poetry on 'X amount' of buildings within 30 seconds or so if you beat that you move on to the next level.

Then you have to advertise your art work by handing a flyer to 'X amount of people' within 30 seconds and after you beat that level you move on to the next.

For the next level you have to advertise your book by giving it to different publishers.

After that you beat the game and its just going to show the main character giving a speech to an audience and its going to be an audio.

"Do you this this is to complex?"

Well, Depending on how experienced you are with Alice, this could be too complexed. I could probably do it if i though it out. I dont have many complex games but depending on how good you are, if it will be complex or not.

"Also, instead of having the movie begin with a screen, how do I make it begin with a picture I made?"

To bring in a pictrue, click file on the top right and look down near the bottom of the list and a button "billboard" should be there

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