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Default 05-15-2007, 07:43 PM

Ok. I got lost in most of that reply. So from what I can gather of Shadow Sovereign's method. You can import sub objects if they are already .ase files and then save the whole object as a .a2c file. This would ok.

If I am reading both of these threads correctly. I could have the kids make something in blender then duplication it with SHIFT-D. That makes a true copy and not a virtual linked copy. Then they would have to go into blenders edit mode using the copy and just select and group all the vertices of say the right hand,the left hand, the right forearm, the left fore arm e.t.c Depending on what level of movement they would want for thier character. Then they would export each of those parts as and .ase file and import say the torso as the primary object.

They would then user that import texture button to import each part as a sub object of the main object and postion the sub object approriatatly

This would be tedious I know and as *I think* there would be no actual skeleton or bones or limits to position or rotation. So actually to animate the objects parts you would have to use FK. Forward Kinematics.

If I am understanding everything correctly this could work.
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