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Game help?
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Default Game help? - 04-03-2011, 05:41 PM

So I have a shooting game with a gun that I have a few questions about how to do things

1. Is there an easier way to make it so the bullet kills the target instead of going through each target and saying
If bullet is within (distance) of (target)
Target (Disapear)
do nothing

Something so I don't have to do that for each target

2. Make a gun that has more than 1 shot before reloading. Right now I have
bullet set vehicle to world
Bullet move forward .1 duration .00001 (loop amount of times for correct range)
bullet set vehicle to gun 0 seconds
Bullet move to gun 0 seconds
bullet orient to gun 0 seconds

So I want a way to make the bullet move faster, and was wondering if I could just have a singular move command instead of a continuous small movements. Would the system still recognize the bullet is within a distance of the target? I use Alice 2.0, because that is what my class uses. I also want to make it a six shot, and was thinking of using a variable that goes up 1 every time the gun is fired and then at 6 resets to zero and does the reload method, but I can't figure out how to make it so the gun won't fire during the reload and the bullet needs to move faster to be reset into the gun so that it can be fired soon after shot.

I'm still kind of new at this, so please make your responses somewhat simplified. Thank you!
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