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Ok so I'm making a plane game where you need to kill the other plane before it crashes into you but whenever it starts it says "Error During Simulation." Then it says "Error During World Stop."

Here It Is, Hope Someone Can Help!
Hi Robby,
Part of writing code is developing an ability to find the problems in the code you wrote (debugging). To find your problem the first thing I did was 'disable' all of your Events. By doing this I am narrowing down where the problem code might be located. I then enabled each event, one by one, and tried to run the application. Eventually, when I enabled your Event:
While Fighter2.Condition Dead is true
and I played the application I received the error message you reported. Therefore the error 'appears' to be caused by your code in the function Fighter2.Condition Dead. Take a look in that function and see if you can locate your problem.

Good luck and let us know if you need additional assistance.
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