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Trigonometry problems
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Default Trigonometry problems - 03-18-2010, 10:33 PM

My assignment is basically to make a person scale a pyramid using the Pythagorean theorem, which for me is very easy and my teacher knows that I can do this stuff in about 5 min, so we're (me and my teacher) are both challenging ourselves to find a way so that the angle at which the person scales the pyramid is accurate (since the book just says to have the person turn forward 1/8 of a revolution).

I've gotten it partially finished, however I'm stuck at a spot. I've created a function that will return how far the person will turn using trigonometric methods. This is what I have so far (it's put into simple steps so that it's easy to follow):

Var is a number value
Py is the pyramid

Var = arctan(py.height/(py.width/2))
Var = 90 - Var
Var = Var/360
Return Var

What this does is return the degrees at which is between the edge of the bounding box and the slope of the pyramid, which is approx. 24.7. Now the problem I'm having is translating this to how far the person will turn forward because if I put that in as it is, the person will turn forward a whole 90.
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