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Flying game
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Exclamation Flying game - 05-02-2011, 07:03 AM

I'm sorry that the description is very long. It is difficult to get what I want out of alice without all the details.

The heart of the game lies in writing a method (ship.flyMethod) that is responsible for updating the ship’s position (based on acceleration from the mouse position and other factors).

Fundamentally the mouse position information from the calibrateMouse method (part of the controlpad object) will be turned into acceleration values which in turn are used to find the ship’s current speed. This needs to happen for both dimensions (X and Y). Those speed values will be used to move the ship each time inside a loop (possibly a while loop). There are a set of attributes I have defined on the ship object to help as above.

I have had a go at the monitor the variable but what is watching it? I thought about setting speedH and speedV before the loop (i.e., right at the start of ship.flyMethod) I think this should be set to MAX_H_SPEED, setting the value of this attribute (based on acceleration) each time inside a while loop.

Again I appreciate the input.
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