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Arrows and Glowing
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Default Arrows and Glowing - 05-15-2012, 07:00 PM

I am making a medieval rpg, but need help with four things:

1) Is it possible to create a glowing effect on an object? For example a box that emmits a light (lets say red). There are two things i want to use this for: magic, and the selection arrows for the character selection screen.

2) How can I make a realistic arch for an arrow? For example when you fire an arrow (just so theres no confusion i mean from a bow) can I give it realistic physics to hit its target?

3) Is there a way to save stats, like even after you quit? For example, you make a character and the game saves your level, items, money, etc.

4) Finally how can I make an infinite amount of an object to fire? For example with a gun, being able to shoot bullets. I know you can create this illusion by making the objects shoot out, turn invisible, then come back. But can I do it with the projectile staying where it landed (until a certain amount of them are in the world). Maybe using an array, but i dont know.

Thanks in advance!
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