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Default 10-10-2011, 06:28 PM

Only if you're good at resource management.

After experimenting with other engines I found out that aside from the somewhat hard to learn drag-and-drop interface and the outdated rendering engine, Alice isn't that different from other 3d engines out there. This means if you can design a game that isn't computer intensive (e. g. tower defense, puzzle, point-and-click adventure) or simply scale down intensive game designs (e. g. make a one-room fps with only three enemies at a time on screen), you're good to go. RP was like that in that it had no player motion other than rotation and therefore needed no collision detection. Same goes for SB, which used primarily 2d graphics.

In fact, Alice could be useful as a tool to teach experienced developers how to work with limited resources. I know there's at least one contest that rewards developers for making big things that come in small packages.

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