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Open-ended space flight RPG
Jazz the Furry
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Lightbulb Open-ended space flight RPG - 08-07-2008, 07:14 PM

Im thinking this would be a good idea. Im looking for something like the gameplay of Microsoft's Freelancer and the controls/feel of Freespace.

Does anyone have any suggestions or is interested in helping?

If so, my e-mail is and my Skype IM account is thewhipperwillbrothers.

I look forward to hearing your opinions, and thx in adv

EDIT: I just realized that this being one of my first posts I look like an overly anxious kid who is getting ahead of himself. I asure you I somewhat know what im doing :$ I also work on a mod for freelancer and know quite a bit about 3d modeling and have all the tools I need in that department. the main part I am in the unknown in is putting it actually together with alice. you see Im not what would qualify as a wiz in useing Alice. and binary is all greek to me... if that makes sence.

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