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Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
Goodbye, Mr. Allen.

"User lanceA has been banned permanently."
Ey! Come on... He is trying to help (some) people and he isn't always rude.
Please give him a chance and give him temp bans instead.
He can act normal and maybe he will, someday.

Originally Posted by Niteshifter View Post
I tested yours against my new one and here are the results:

Zenteo: 45s
Niteshifter: 18s

Yours would definitely beat my old one since my old one has faulty search techniques. I might actually make use of your reconstructing method though (mine is still a bit bugged ), so that's a plus
Just 18 second O.O
Wow! That's a huge improvement!
I'm trembling with excitement for the final result.

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